A Potential Complementary Alternative Adjunct for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Prevention

April 3rd, 2017

Brain Image“Activating Your Brain’s Unique Catalytic Converter for Deep Cleansing and Regeneration”

New Studies on the Brain’s Deep Cleansing Power

You may have seen an ever-increasing number of blog posts and articles in the news lately about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Deep sleep, that is…

Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., D.M.Sc., co-director of the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) Center for Translational Neuromedicine says, “The restorative nature of sleep appears to be the result of the active clearance of the by-products of neural activity that accumulate during wakefulness.”

In other words, simply put, the brain burns energy and produces a corrosive by-product but has it’s own “catalytic converter” to clean up the waste left behind from the fuel burn. A simple, elegant design–when it works!

Health Challenges of Living in a Technologically Advanced Age
Some of the latest research shows why getting to those deeps stages of sleep, particularly the levels of “Delta” brainwave function, are so important for maintaining ideal physical and emotional health. Moreover, this research indicates why getting this deep level of sleep is also more challenging than ever before.

This is due to an ever-increasing exposure to electro-magnetic field radiation, cell and microwave tower field radiation, and other noise and light disruptions brought about by the many modern advancements in electronic and digital technology.

With the additional toxic chemical pollutants we are exposed to, especially living and commuting in larger metropolitan areas, along with consuming foods laced with chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified organisms, we now find our bodies working harder and harder to maintain ideal health and well-being–physically, mentally, and emotionally. All of these electro-chemical influences naturally interfere with our sleep patterns, as well…

Related Underlying Causes of Dementia and Alzheimer’s
New research has indicated that there is also a direct link between mental health issues, such a dementia. schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s, and the lack of deep sleep. Not just regarding how many hours one sleeps, but especially whether one is getting enough of that specific level of “Delta” brainwave function, which is generally only activated during deep stages of sleep.

(Incidentally, during a full 8 hours of sleep, only 25% or less of that time is spent in the deep delta stages–that is, if you can get an uninterrupted night of sleep!)
So why is this brainwave so important?

Your Brain’s Unique Catalytic Converter
Glymphatic CSF ImageWhen you burn fuel to power your car, there is a natural corrosive by-product created, hydrocarbons, including carbon monoxide. This is why your car has a system to not only reduce environmental pollution, but also to help to improve the functional efficiency of the system: This system is called a “catalytic converter.” Continue reading »

“Thank God I Died” Radio Interview with Thomas

April 1st, 2017

KRUU LogoHere is one of my all-time favorite interviews on Writers’ Voices–KRUU-FM with show hosts Monica Hadley and Caroline Kilbourn! It took place back in 2009, just before the release of Thank God I…Vol 2, of which I am a contributing author.

This interview gives you a chance to get to know more about my life before my near-death experience, what happened during the experience, my return to life, and the advent of the healing gifts I have used for many years.  And most importantly, how you can apply some of the practical revelations from this life-changing experience to enjoy greater health, happiness, and wholeness in your life. Enjoy!



And special thanks to Monica and Caroline for such a fun interview!

“Thank God I Died…” Audio Book

March 25th, 2017

“What happens when we die?” “Is it peaceful? Will I  suffer? What’s it like on the other side? Is there a tunnel?  Will I see the light? Will I see my departed loved ones? Will I see God? Is there really a Heaven or Hell?”

And the most pressing questions that seem to be on the minds of everyone: “What will become of me? Will I continue to exist in some way or will I simply cease to be?”

Thank God I Died: An Extraordinary Story of Death, Life, and Healing – an audio book by Thomas Gates
Get your free copy of the full “Thank God I Died” Audio Book below*  

“An amazing journey, well beyond the usual range of known NDEs.”   — W. Ingvoldstad, Heaven on Earth Productions, Chicago, IL

“The knowledge and experience I’ve gained from Thomas’ training has given me the ability to significantly help in the transformation of people’s lives…”   — Ron Schmitz, IA

“Thank you for the online session. I had a phenomenal healing of my ankle from the healing session and a vibrant energy all day.”  — Joan D.

In this audio book, you will hear about

  • the story of how Thomas died many years ago in a hospital room
  • more in-depth details of his profound life-altering experiences beyond the body
  • his return to life with a new understanding of the “who, what, when, where, why, and how of our existence–what are we doing here?”
  • the healing gifts that later emerged and how they help in physical and emotional healing

* Get your free copy of the full “Thank God I Died” audio book plus an additional free Online Live-Streaming Healing Spectrums Session/Coherence Activation when you subscribe to the free Healing Spectrums Newsletter here. (We value and protect your privacy!)

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NDE or Final Transition: Is it Really About Death or is it About Life?

March 24th, 2017

It’s really not about death– It’s about life!

I have always believed that Near Death Experiences are not just for the benefit of the experiencer, but to be shared with others for their benefit, as well.

Each NDE is unique and perfect for each individual. And while there are often certain similar experiences (perhaps a tunnel, a brilliant light, greetings by past loved ones, angels, etc) there is no one “right” Near Death Experience or even a final transition, for that matter. At the very least, sharing these experiences may potentially help ease the fear of death. But more importantly, it may simply remind us of the eternal nature of life–that we are truly much more than just human beings contained within the boundaries of a physical body. Life is eternal… Continue reading »

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October 3rd, 2016

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June 20th, 2016

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    "The self-treatments have helped me in healing some physical issues and I'm sleeping better than ever. I've also been trained by Thomas to use the Healing Spectrums in my work as a counselor and I seem to be able to 'tune in' more quickly to the core issues of my clients. This is really valuable to both me and my clients." -- Cheryl Bailey, Counselor, IA
    “I had chronic ankle pain due to working in an auto manufacturing plant and walking on concrete for most of my life. After a long-distance session that actually took place while I was asleep, I woke up and had no pain in my ankles, or anywhere else for that matter. And I was able to enjoy working outdoors all morning with my brother — this really works.” –CF, Mechanic, Lexington, MO
    "Before the course, I was only sleeping for 2-3 hours a night, but since Thomas' course I'm sleeping unbelievably better! 8-9 hours every night. This technique is a true blessing." - Katherine, Counselor/Coach, NY
    “I have been very impressed by the strength of the energy when doing the self-treatments. Last night I was surprised how quickly I went from feeling restless to very relaxed with a short session. Thanks so much!” — Jill
    “After our session on Thursday I felt a smooth, blissful feeling for the next few hours. In general I continue to feel more settled, grounded and calm and I’m sleeping very deeply now.” — Mary
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