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February 2nd, 2019

How a Healing Spectrums Session Works

Personal Healing Spectrums Sessions with Follow-up Consultation
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The individual Healing Spectrums sessions provide the opportunity to have one-on-one personal sessions with Thomas. 1-hour sessions are available and can be done in-person or remotely. Remote sessions include an initial call (using either phone, Skype, or Thomas’ live online streaming service) at the appointed time to briefly discuss your intentions for the session(s). You can then lie down and relax during the session treatment; it is not necessary to remain on the call during this time. See How to Prepare for Your Session here.

With the unique increased brainwave coherence spontaneously created during the sessions, the body’s inherent intelligence and healing processes are effectively enlivened and greatly accelerated. As your physiology and awareness continue to settle, you will often simultaneously experience a very deep state of silence, followed by a more expanded, peaceful, and clear state of awareness.

Follow-up Consultation
At the end of the treatment time, there will be a follow-up consultation during which Thomas will share his observations and any additional helpful information from the sessions. You will also be able to share your experiences and ask any questions you may have at this time. In addition, Thomas will give a Healing Spectrums Coherence Activation and treat your drinking water after the sessions. More about Activated Healing Spectrums Water.

You may notice immediate results or you may notice changes in the coming days, as the effects of the Healing Spectrums continue, even after your session is over. These sessions are also ideal for rapid recovery from injury or surgery.

Doctors have consistently reported that patients who receive Healing Spectrums sessions during and after surgery or other treatment, show remarkably reduced recovery times. Sessions are highly effective with various sports injuries, as well.

*Session rates and registration
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As an effective alternative/complementary adjunct to traditional health care, the Healing Spectrums sessions and programs are not a substitute in any way for treatments ordinarily administered by health care professionals for physiological or psychological conditions. It is always recommended to consult your Health Care Professional whenever there is serious injury or illness.

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    "Doctors said if I got another ear infection, I could go deaf. Thomas treated me and I haven't had one since."
    -- Meara Oberdieck

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    "I had a bad reaction from inadvertently breathing some vapors from the glue I was using to decorate a costume that I would be wearing in a play a couple of days later. My throat closed down and I could hardly speak. I felt terrible and had no energy. I couldn't imagine how on earth I would be able to perform, as I had many speaking lines to perform. After a session with Thomas, I quickly regained my energy and I was able to perform without difficulty. This really saved the day for me! Thanks, Thomas." -- JB, Actor, Fairfield, IA
    "I had chronic ankle pain due to working in an auto manufacturing plant and walking on concrete for most of my life. After a long-distance session, that actually took place while I was asleep, I woke up and had no pain in my ankles or anywhere else, for that matter. And, I was able to enjoy working outdoors all morning with my brother--all without a lick of pain. This really works." -- CF, Mechanic, Lexington, MO
    "I had a constant buzzing and ringing in my right ear that was driving me crazy. I always had to have a TV or radio on during the day and sleep with a fan on to mask the constant internal noise. I tried supplements that didn’t help and then visited an ENT physician and they really had no solution. Well, apparently our sessions have definitely had an impact. The buzzing has completely subsided and I only occasionally hear any ringing. This is such an amazing relief that it’s hard to express. Thanks again for your continued help and support, I couldn’t recommend the sessions highly enough. -- Best Regards, Tom R, Chicago
    (Thomas): During the group session, it became clear to me that there was some deep distress in Ken’s knees where I noticed the brilliant blue spectrums beginning to appear. During the session Ken said that he had briefly felt the pain in his knees intensify and then suddenly it was as if all the pain and discomfort he had been having just poured out through the bottom of his feet. That was it -- the pain was gone and never came back.
    "The self-treatments have helped me in healing some physical issues and I'm sleeping better than ever. I've also been trained by Thomas to use the Healing Spectrums in my work as a counselor and I seem to be able to 'tune in' more quickly to the core issues of my clients. This is really valuable to both me and my clients." -- Cheryl Bailey, Counselor, IA
    “I had chronic ankle pain due to working in an auto manufacturing plant and walking on concrete for most of my life. After a long-distance session that actually took place while I was asleep, I woke up and had no pain in my ankles, or anywhere else for that matter. And I was able to enjoy working outdoors all morning with my brother — this really works.” –CF, Mechanic, Lexington, MO
    "Before the course, I was only sleeping for 2-3 hours a night, but since Thomas' course I'm sleeping unbelievably better! 8-9 hours every night. This technique is a true blessing." - Katherine, Counselor/Coach, NY
    “I have been very impressed by the strength of the energy when doing the self-treatments. Last night I was surprised how quickly I went from feeling restless to very relaxed with a short session. Thanks so much!” — Jill
    “After our session on Thursday I felt a smooth, blissful feeling for the next few hours. In general I continue to feel more settled, grounded and calm and I’m sleeping very deeply now.” — Mary
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