Healing Stress: It’s an Inside Job!

July 11th, 2022

Neuron Image BlueIt would appear that stress is a natural part of human existence. After all, there seems to be no lack of opportunity to experience it at particular moments in our daily life. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all stress is bad. In fact, doctors and scientists make a distinction between good and bad stress.  An intensely exhilarating experience can actually be stressful on some level of physiology, just as much as one that we consider intensely negative.

However, the “good” stress seems to have a less impactful or lasting effect on physiology and can even have some positive benefit. We generally recover from those stresses more quickly than from the “bad” stresses that linger and can cause even more distress. Why is that?…

Over the many years of doing thousands of my sessions (including my own self-treatment sessions) with individuals of various professions and walks of life, I have had the opportunity to observe the subtle mechanical elements of stress and their influence both emotionally and physically. As a result, my view on stress is that it is not necessarily something that comes from the outside and is attacking us or happening to us. Yes, there are environmental challenges we may encounter, physical accidents, and of course, people can say and do the darndest things that can be hurtful. But ultimately, the greatest contributing factor to our stress is actually “an inside job.”

Most stress has a lot more to do with how we interpret and label the challenges that we face. Often, we intensify our discomfort internally through fear of  “what it means.” Have you ever been stressed-out worrying about something because you just know you are right about what it means and just how bad it is? And then, even 5 minutes later, someone may bring new information to you that completely changes the meaning for you and now you are no longer worried but actually relieved? So, what’s the difference?

There is one common element that is almost always operative in the mechanism of stress. That element is resistance.” Resistance and fear are running mates, although I believe fear has its basis in resistance. Your physiology is designed to function coherently and will tend to naturally flow in the direction of coherent functioning, given the opportunity. But the more we resist present circumstances or events, the more stress we create and the more difficult it is to find creative solutions that could reduce or relieve that stress.

The key to healing stress: Essentially, you could easily substitute the word “resistance” for the word “stress” and begin to get an idea of how stress works and the toll that it can take on mind and body. So learning how not to resist the fact that it is present at any given moment and to be able to release it quickly so that it does not become firmly established in your physiology’s structural functioning is one important key to reducing and healing stress.

We may not like or particularly enjoy a stressful experience, but when it comes down to it, it is our creation–at least the experience of how it makes us feel is definitely our creation. (I like to say that “nobody can make us feel any particular way–that’s on us!” People can say and do things to us but ultimately, we decide what it means. Peoples’ mouths move and words come out but how it lands for us is beyond the power of the person who spoke the words. I know, I know–we may want to blame others for how we feel but…) Therefore, it is our resistance or acceptance of “what is” at any given moment that gives us the opportunity to feel good, bad, happy or sad.

Every body has the inherent healing processes already built into the physiology. It’s not rocket science or even mysterious. It is just that sometimes the body has a backlog of stresses or trauma that is not able to be processed efficiently. Remnants of trauma often remain embedded in the subtlest layers of physiology and become a functioning part of the structural physiology. These “artifacts” interfere with or interrupt the natural healing processes and ultimately result in the eventual manifestation of illness or dis-ease, both physically and emotionally-even spiritually.

The artifacts, by the way, are simply the emotional traces of particular trauma. They are like little computer chips of memory that hold the emotion within the subtlest layers of physiology. If we knew they were there then we would all try to do something about them. The problem is that they are on such a subtle, almost invisible level, that we are not even aware of them at all. But they can have the effect of neurologically holding certain patterns in place. That’s partly the underlying reason why it is sometimes so difficult to change habits of behavior that we know don’t serve us well and that we work so hard to change.

The bad news is: You can’t get rid of a bad habit! It is not just a mental or emotional problem that can be thought, understood, wished, or affirmed away. It is a physically entrained habit of function established through neurological, biochemical, endocrinal reactions from repetitive stimuli. It’s mostly on “auto pilot” now.

Now, for the good news! You can replace a “bad” habit with a “new” habit, one that is more to your liking and that serves you better.  So instead of resisting the old one, we create and embrace a new one. One that gradually begins to ease the suffering. After awhile, the old habit seems to fade away as the new one becomes more established. In the end, coherence overcomes chaos…

So how do the Healing Spectrums Sessions and Coherence Activation Programs help to release and reduce taking on even further stress? The Healing Spectrums sessions create a very high degree of coherence throughout the physiology so that it can very gently, spontaneously release some of these artifacts. As they are released, the inherent healing processes are greatly accelerated and become more efficient in their functioning. This all happens in a sequence that is totally controlled by your physiology’s inherent intelligence. Your body knows best what to do and when to do it, if given the opportunity. It will begin to integrate that coherence and be less prone to accumulate more stress. Like “water off a duck’s back.”

My job, as a healing facilitator, is not to diagnose or analyze but simply to use my method to help enliven coherence within your physiology. That is all I do, without judgment or manipulation.  It is a very simple, effective, and uncomplicated process. A process through which you will learn how to quickly release stress and more importantly, learn how you can change the “habit” of stress and enjoy a healthier life.

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions about the Healing Spectrums sessions or programs. I have been doing this work for the past 20 years and have seen many positive results with various conditions and a fair share of some very interesting phenomena over the years. The best part is simply seeing the positive effects in people’s lives. I am always fascinated by human physiology/consciousness. It is an amazing journey we are all on–enjoy!

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    "I had a bad reaction from inadvertently breathing some vapors from the glue I was using to decorate a costume that I would be wearing in a play a couple of days later. My throat closed down and I could hardly speak. I felt terrible and had no energy. I couldn't imagine how on earth I would be able to perform, as I had many speaking lines to perform. After a session with Thomas, I quickly regained my energy and I was able to perform without difficulty. This really saved the day for me! Thanks, Thomas." -- JB, Actor, Fairfield, IA
    "I had chronic ankle pain due to working in an auto manufacturing plant and walking on concrete for most of my life. After a long-distance session, that actually took place while I was asleep, I woke up and had no pain in my ankles or anywhere else, for that matter. And, I was able to enjoy working outdoors all morning with my brother--all without a lick of pain. This really works." -- CF, Mechanic, Lexington, MO
    "I had a constant buzzing and ringing in my right ear that was driving me crazy. I always had to have a TV or radio on during the day and sleep with a fan on to mask the constant internal noise. I tried supplements that didn’t help and then visited an ENT physician and they really had no solution. Well, apparently our sessions have definitely had an impact. The buzzing has completely subsided and I only occasionally hear any ringing. This is such an amazing relief that it’s hard to express. Thanks again for your continued help and support, I couldn’t recommend the sessions highly enough. -- Best Regards, Tom R, Chicago
    (Thomas): During the group session, it became clear to me that there was some deep distress in Ken’s knees where I noticed the brilliant blue spectrums beginning to appear. During the session Ken said that he had briefly felt the pain in his knees intensify and then suddenly it was as if all the pain and discomfort he had been having just poured out through the bottom of his feet. That was it -- the pain was gone and never came back.
    "The self-treatments have helped me in healing some physical issues and I'm sleeping better than ever. I've also been trained by Thomas to use the Healing Spectrums in my work as a counselor and I seem to be able to 'tune in' more quickly to the core issues of my clients. This is really valuable to both me and my clients." -- Cheryl Bailey, Counselor, IA
    “I had chronic ankle pain due to working in an auto manufacturing plant and walking on concrete for most of my life. After a long-distance session that actually took place while I was asleep, I woke up and had no pain in my ankles, or anywhere else for that matter. And I was able to enjoy working outdoors all morning with my brother — this really works.” –CF, Mechanic, Lexington, MO
    "Before the course, I was only sleeping for 2-3 hours a night, but since Thomas' course I'm sleeping unbelievably better! 8-9 hours every night. This technique is a true blessing." - Katherine, Counselor/Coach, NY
    “I have been very impressed by the strength of the energy when doing the self-treatments. Last night I was surprised how quickly I went from feeling restless to very relaxed with a short session. Thanks so much!” — Jill
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