NDE: Witnessing the Birth of Consciousness

December 6th, 2014

Hear Thomas' Story

 Witnessing the Birth of Consciousness:

“From a perfect stillness of silence even beyond all silence came the breath of God. And with that breath, the birth of consciousness–closest to its source and long before its bodily form.

In that moment, the dance of creation begins from the subtlest impulse, bringing forth a manifesting essence into form and substance. 


So that un-manifest God source can be divinely expressed and experienced.

The unknown can be known, appreciated, and honored throughout every possible particle of creation–from the first and faintest beginning particle of creation, all the way through the most concrete and densely manifested forms of creation.

 Consciousness is infused with that essence and empowered to give expression to that which precedes expression. That is the gift of life. It is our birthright and our role to play throughout life. May we always remember to love one another and cherish that eternal journey…”  

              Thomas Gates

Healing Spectrums 1, 2 or 3 Day Retreat

October 8th, 2014

Healing Spectrums Advanced RetreatJoin us for this special 1- 3-Day Healing Spectrums Sessions and Coherence Activations Retreat!

Next Retreat Date and Location to be announced

Those who attended our last retreat reported significant improvements in a number of physical as well as emotional issues along with experiences of deepening silence and expansion of refined awareness and subtle perception. (Click here to see the brainwave study results and why it is so important to enliven this unique “Healing Brainwave” and for more about the Healing Spectrums and Coherence Activations.)

The Retreat… Continue reading »

Experience from a 3-Day Advanced Retreat

August 4th, 2014

Image 3“Through a series of very synchronistic events I landed on [Thomas’] website. I took advantage of the free 20 minute Introductory Healing Spectrums experience and I was blown away…there was enormous energy…and Thomas was a thousand miles away!” — Chris, Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

“An Extraordinary Story of Death, Life, and Healing”

July 15th, 2014

The Tulsa Near-Death and Other Mystical Experiences group will meet Saturday, July 19 from 3-5 pm 

8123 E. 48th St., two doors east of
Memorial Drive, across from Sonic Drive-in.

Our guest speaker this month is Thomas Gates, the founder of Healing Spectrums technique, which he has successfully used to help people all over the world. Thomas will share with us the story of his near-death experience and will explain how he later discovered his natural gift to help facilitate healing in others. He will also offer a group healing session and a Coherence Activation to those present who wish to partake.

Since developing his Healing Spectrums for Health and Wholeness technique, Thomas has also been training others in his healing facilitation methods. His technique has been shown to naturally increase unique brainwave coherence that enlivens consciousness and accelerates the body’s natural physical and emotional healing processes. Continue reading »

“Thank God I Died…” Interview with Thomas: Parts 1 & 2

February 24th, 2014

KRUU LogoHere is Part 1 and Part 2 from one of my all-time favorite interviews on Writers’ Voices–KRUU-FM with show hosts Monica Hadley and Caroline Kilbourn! It took place back in 2009, just before the release of Thank God I…Vol 2, of which I am a contributing author.

This interview gives you a chance to get to know more about my life before my near-death experience, what happened during the death experience and journey, my return to life, and the advent of the healing gifts I have used for many years.  And most importantly, how you can apply some of the practical revelations from this life-changing experience to enjoy greater health, happiness, and wholeness in your life. Enjoy!


And special thanks to Monica and Caroline for such a fun interview!

Healing Spectrums Brainwave Studies

February 23rd, 2014
Preparing for brainwave baseline test

Brainwave Baseline Testing

Exciting validation: We’ve received some impressive preliminary results from the university brainwave studies on the Healing Spectrums technique!

The analysis thus far clearly shows significant, unique and immediate changes in brainwave function in subjects while being treated, treating, and while doing self-treatments. In every case it was noted that there was a rapid and major increase in brain coherence–even during remote location sessions. We will be posting more results as we complete more studies on the effects the Healing Spectrums have on specific health issues. Also, click here to learn  how you can experience Thomas’ Online Live-Streaming Healing Spectrums Coherence Activations.

Increased Alpha: In all cases, we saw a strong and steady Alpha (8-13 Walter - alpha peak(green) during healingHz/green) frequency in the frontal cortex. This is generally considered to produce a state of “restful alertness” such as what one might experience in deep silence or meditation. There was little to no Beta (14-30 Hz/blue) present during the Healing Spectrums treatments.

There were also periods of simultaneous Delta (0.5-4 Hz) frequency *
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    "Doctors said if I got another ear infection, I could go deaf. Thomas treated me and I haven't had one since."
    -- Meara Oberdieck

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    "I had a bad reaction from inadvertently breathing some vapors from the glue I was using to decorate a costume that I would be wearing in a play a couple of days later. My throat closed down and I could hardly speak. I felt terrible and had no energy. I couldn't imagine how on earth I would be able to perform, as I had many speaking lines to perform. After a session with Thomas, I quickly regained my energy and I was able to perform without difficulty. This really saved the day for me! Thanks, Thomas." -- JB, Actor, Fairfield, IA
    "I had chronic ankle pain due to working in an auto manufacturing plant and walking on concrete for most of my life. After a long-distance session, that actually took place while I was asleep, I woke up and had no pain in my ankles or anywhere else, for that matter. And, I was able to enjoy working outdoors all morning with my brother--all without a lick of pain. This really works." -- CF, Mechanic, Lexington, MO
    "I had a constant buzzing and ringing in my right ear that was driving me crazy. I always had to have a TV or radio on during the day and sleep with a fan on to mask the constant internal noise. I tried supplements that didn’t help and then visited an ENT physician and they really had no solution. Well, apparently our sessions have definitely had an impact. The buzzing has completely subsided and I only occasionally hear any ringing. This is such an amazing relief that it’s hard to express. Thanks again for your continued help and support, I couldn’t recommend the sessions highly enough. -- Best Regards, Tom R, Chicago
    (Thomas): During the group session, it became clear to me that there was some deep distress in Ken’s knees where I noticed the brilliant blue spectrums beginning to appear. During the session Ken said that he had briefly felt the pain in his knees intensify and then suddenly it was as if all the pain and discomfort he had been having just poured out through the bottom of his feet. That was it -- the pain was gone and never came back.
    "The self-treatments have helped me in healing some physical issues and I'm sleeping better than ever. I've also been trained by Thomas to use the Healing Spectrums in my work as a counselor and I seem to be able to 'tune in' more quickly to the core issues of my clients. This is really valuable to both me and my clients." -- Cheryl Bailey, Counselor, IA
    “I had chronic ankle pain due to working in an auto manufacturing plant and walking on concrete for most of my life. After a long-distance session that actually took place while I was asleep, I woke up and had no pain in my ankles, or anywhere else for that matter. And I was able to enjoy working outdoors all morning with my brother — this really works.” –CF, Mechanic, Lexington, MO
    "Before the course, I was only sleeping for 2-3 hours a night, but since Thomas' course I'm sleeping unbelievably better! 8-9 hours every night. This technique is a true blessing." - Katherine, Counselor/Coach, NY
    “I have been very impressed by the strength of the energy when doing the self-treatments. Last night I was surprised how quickly I went from feeling restless to very relaxed with a short session. Thanks so much!” — Jill
    “After our session on Thursday I felt a smooth, blissful feeling for the next few hours. In general I continue to feel more settled, grounded and calm and I’m sleeping very deeply now.” — Mary
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