People all over the world are feeling better and living healthier, happier lives using this effective method!

The Healing Spectrums Personal and Group Sessions spontaneously emerged many years ago as a result of Thomas’ extensive near-death experience. They provide an effective pathway to
 greater health and well-being by rapidly increasing coherence within your 
physiology, enlivening consciousness, and accelerating your body’s natural physical and emotional healing processes.

People from all walks of life throughout the world have enjoyed the many benefits of Thomas’ sessions and training workshops both in-person and online.

Be sure to visit our Blog to gain a deeper insight and understanding of the many benefits of the Healing Spectrums Method on physical, emotional, and even spiritual health and well-being.

How Can the Healing Spectrums Help You?
Besides enjoying the benefits of the personal and group sessions, you can also unlock this natural healing ability within yourself. Thomas now  offers an Online Self-Treatment Training Program and other advanced Healing Spectrums training courses, as well as his 2 and 3 day on-site weekend training workshops. (See details here.)

Many doctors and other health care practitioners have been successfully trained to use this method for self-care and as a complementary adjunct to their traditional patient care. College students, business executives, mothers, fathers, children, and many others are using Thomas’ simple techniques to reduce stress and improve their overall well-being.

Benefits: Individuals have reported rapid and significant improvement in a variety of physical and emotional conditions such as:

Stress • Neck and Back Pain • Sports/Physical Injury • Tendonitis
Immune Disorders • Neurological Disorders
Digestive Disorders • Joint Inflammation • Osteoarthritis
Sciatica • Scoliosis • Bursitis • Migraine Headaches
Thyroid Disorders • Emotional Distress • Bereavement
Sleep Disorders • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Asthma • Bronchitis • Emphysema • Sinusitis
Post Surgical Pain and Recovery and more…*

We invite you to join us on this exciting pathway to greater health, happiness and wholeness in life. Take a look around our site, see the “Blog” page for the latest event announcements and updates, as well as blog entries on topics ranging from NDE, spirituality, health, and much more.

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*As an effective alternative/complementary adjunct to traditional health care, the Healing Spectrums sessions and programs are not a substitute for treatments ordinarily administered by health care professionals for physiological or psychological conditions. While there are medical doctors and licensed health care providers who use the Healing Spectrums Method as a complementary adjunct in their practices, neither Thomas nor any associates or representatives of the Healing Spectrums for Health and Wholeness Programs make any claims to treat or cure any illnesses or diseases.