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All-New Advanced Healing Spectrums Coherence Activations for Accelerated Healing: Special Events

ImageJoin us for a series of full 1 Hour Healing Spectrums Sessions with the New Advanced Coherence Activations

This new enhanced method for the Online Live-Streaming Coherence Activation Sessions includes 3 fifteen minute Healing Spectrums Sessions with a Coherence Activation after each session. It is a powerful way for you to help target any specific area of your body (at the moment of the Coherence Activation) where there is any physical or emotional issue. Combining this advanced method greatly accelerates your natural healing processes even more powerfully. 

Scientific university studies have shown a significant increase in brainwave coherence during the Healing Spectrums Sessions along with specific brainwaves linked to deep healing and regeneration as well as an increased state of emotional well-being.” (Click here for more information about the brainwave studies on the Healing Spectrums Method.)

Each 1 hour Advanced Coherence Activation Session Event is $25.

Next Advanced Coherence Activation Session Event:
Saturday, November 7th – A Full day of multiple 1 hour Advanced Coherence Activation Sessions
Choose any sessions that fit your schedule or opt for the full day and attend all 6 sessions (special discount for full day registration*)

6 ea. 1 Hour Advanced Coherence Activation Session Events throughout the day. See schedule below:
(Note: For Mac /Safari users–please right click over the word “here” and copy link address. Then paste to Google or Firefox browser for registration.)

9:00 am CST $25 Register here
10:15 am CST $25 Register here
11:30 am CST $25 Register here
1:30 pm CST $25 Register here
2:45 pm CST $25 Register here
4:00 pm CST $25 Register here

*Full Day (6 Session Events) Registration

We will send you a confirmation email with the event access link after your registration. Easy instructions will be given at the beginning of each event.
If you have any questions, please contact us here. We look forward to seeing you for the these special events!


Activate Your Healing Brainwaves! Personal Sessions and Training

Special Session and Training Rates 

How to schedule your appointment

The Non-Touch Healing Spectrums Coherence Activation Sessions provide a simple alternative method for significant improvements in both physical and emotional health and well-being. 

Scientifically verified to effortlessly enhance unique brainwave function to activate and accelerate your body’s natural healing and regenerative processes.
These sessions can be done remotely by phone or by an online live-streaming video call. In-person sessions are available if you are able to be in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area or if Thomas happens to be presenting in your city.

Introductory 1st Personal Session: Now $65
1-Hour Personal Session (reg. $95)
with Coherence Activation


Emotional Healing Session: Now $125
2-Hour Emotional Healing Session (reg.$150)
with Coherence Activation


Healing Spectrums Level-1 Online Training (Learn the Self-Treatment Method)
4 weeks–1 Hour per week training call plus 4 weeks (2x per week) 1 Hour Remote Group Healing Spectrums


Healing Spectrums Level-2 Online Training (Learn to Treat Others)

4 weeks–1 Hour per week training call plus 4 weeks (2x per week) 1 Hour Remote Group Healing Spectrums


Level-2 Training Online for Health Care Professionals

(Includes evaluation and structuring integration of the Healing Spectrums Emotional Healing Method into your practice.)


Training program includes a series of remote Group Healing Spectrums sessions (2 per week for 4 weeks)  during the course and 4 live training calls which also include a Coherence Activation at the end of each call. Also, added evaluation/consultation to help structure easy integration of the Healing Spectrums Emotional Healing Method into your practice. Additional consultation.(Live Streaming Video or phone option.)

Visit Store Page here for Special Rates

For more information, to schedule your sessions, or to learn how to
use the Healing Spectrums Method for Self-Treatment or to Treat Others,
contact Thomas here.

Who Does the Healing? How Healing Spectrums Method Works

People often ask if I am a “healer.” My answer: “I am a healing facilitator. YOU are the healer.”  In fact, you will never hear me call myself a healer because I am very clear that if there is any healing going on it is really being done by the person who is being treated. So how does this work?

Every “body” has the inherent healing processes already built into the physiology. It’s not rocket science or even mysterious. It is just that sometimes the body has a backlog of stresses or trauma that is not able to be processed efficiently. Remnants of trauma often remain embedded in the subtlest layers of physiology and become a functioning part of the structural physiology. These “artifacts” interfere with or weaken the natural healing processes and Continue reading ‘Who Does the Healing? How Healing Spectrums Method Works’

Online Spectrums Sessions & Healing Brainwave Coherence Activations

Delta peaks (orange) during activationScientific university studies have shown a significant increase in brainwave coherence during the Healing Spectrums Sessions along with specific brainwaves linked to deep healing and regeneration as well as an increased state of emotional well-being.

The Live-Streaming Healing Spectrums Coherence Activations provide you with a simple, scientifically verifiable way to effortlessly  activate and accelerate your body’s natural physical and emotional healing processes.

Click here to see the current schedule below* for how you can participate in these regular Healing Brainwave Coherence Activations.
Includes an additional special discount for a 1-Hour Personal Healing Spectrums Session

Did you know?

  • You have a powerful healing brainwave that mostly goes unused.
    (You generally get just a few minutes of it, only if you get a good night’s sleep!)
  • By age 40-45 your brain begins losing the ability to produce this healing brainwave.
  • By the age 70-75, on average, the brain is no longer capable of producing this all important brainwave!
  • Research shows that this healing brainwave is greatly diminished in a host of serious health issues ranging from sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and OCD to diabetes and insulin resistance, heart disease, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, various brain disorders, some stages of dementia and other forms of mental illness.

As we age, we are often faced with a variety of potential health issues, some of which have a major impact on the quality of our lives. Significantly, all of the above illnesses have one crucial thing in common: the brain’s progressively diminished capacity to produce “Delta” brainwaves.

 In fact, studies have shown Delta brainwaves tend to diminish by age 40-45 and are virtually non-existent by the age of 75. The good news is… Continue reading ‘Online Spectrums Sessions & Healing Brainwave Coherence Activations’

Healing Stress: It’s an Inside Job!

Neuron Image BlueIt would appear that stress is a natural part of human existence. After all, there seems to be no lack of opportunity to experience it at particular moments in our daily life. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all stress is bad. In fact, doctors and scientists make a distinction between good and bad stress.  An intensely exhilarating experience can actually be stressful on some level of physiology, just as much as one that we consider intensely negative.

However, the “good” stress seems to have a less impactful or lasting effect on physiology and can even have some positive benefit. We generally recover from those stresses more quickly than from the “bad” stresses that linger and can cause even more distress. Why is that?… Continue reading ‘Healing Stress: It’s an Inside Job!’

Awaken Your Powerful Healing Brain Wave

Children have it. Now adults can re-awaken it.

Scientific research has shown that the dominant brainwave functioning in children from infancy to about the age of 4-5 starts out in “delta.” It is the dominant wave function. But it begins to diminish during adolescence, as alpha, theta and particularly beta (the thinking-analytical brainwave) become more dominate. So over time, and as is the case for adults, delta is mostly observed in stage 3 and 4 of the sleep state and only periodically within a 7-8 hour sleep cycle.

Unfortunately, as adults age (starting on average around the age of 40-45), the brain begins to progressively lose the ability to produce delta brainwaves. This plays a part in the increased incidence of various illnesses and disease ranging from sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and OCD to diabetes and insulin resistance, heart disease, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, various brain disorders, some stages of dementia and other forms of mental illness.

Smile More – Be Happy – Live Longer!

Would you like to increase your “Happiness Factor,” quickly and easily?

... you can add 7 years to your life simply by smiling more? 

I recently found this article in the “Underground Health Reporter” and even though there is no mention of brainwave function or Healing Spectrums, it provides yet another reason why the Healing Spectrums Method and Coherence Activations can be a boon for a healthier, happier, and longer life.

University brainwave studies have shown that the Healing Spectrums Sessions, Self-treatment Method, Practitioners Method, and Coherence Activations produce unique brainwave functions that not only activate and accelerate your body’s natural healing and regenerative processes, but also can increase your brain’s ability to produce the more rare “Gamma” brainwave function.

And here is where the “Happiness Factor” comes in! Continue reading ‘Smile More — Be Happy — Live Longer!’

Learn to Accelerate Your Natural Healing

Healing Spectrums Self-Treatment Technique

Next Level-1 Online Training Begins:
Contact us for information about next course date


Learn how you can use the Healing Spectrums for self-treatment in the comfort of your own home. Enliven your brain function and accelerate your body’s natural healing processes. This training includes regular Group Healing Spectrums Sessions (2 per week for 4 weeks) with videos and live training conference calls once a week. Plus an additional bonus of 4 weeks group sessions. That’s a total of 16 1-hour remote group sessions!

Click here for full course details/rates/registration. Contact Thomas for fast registration and to receive conference number and access code.

“The pain in my shoulder has reduced significantly since learning this self-treatment…”

Continue reading ‘Learn to Accelerate Your Natural Healing’

Healing Spectrums Session and Training Experiences

Thanks to all of you for sending your thoughts — it’s a pleasure to share the Healing Spectrums with you and to hear of your experiences!
“Since beginning the weekly group sessions and the L-1 self-treatment course I’ve noticed that I am more patient and more present. I feel an increased sense of well-being in body and mind and my sensory perceptions are clearer and more pleasing. Oh yes, my sleep is deeper now. In fact, I can hardly remember what it was like before after only a couple of weeks of the sessions/training.” – Richard

“Hi thomas! I have been very impressed by the strength of the energy when doing the self-treatments. Last night I was quite surprised how quickly I went from feeling restless to very relaxed with a very short self-treatment session. Thanks so much!” — Jill

“In the evening, after my long-distance personal session with Thomas, I soon began witnessing my breathing and felt an expanded sense of being. I felt more energized than I normally would. I am feeling a sense of expanded consciousness during the day. Also, some of the pain and headaches I have experienced lately have subsided significantly.” Mike

“Thank you for the session on Monday. There was definitely a sense of increased energy. Considering that my energy level has been quite low lately it seemed a minor miracle to manage giving three massages that afternoon following my session with you!” — Ken

“After our session on Thursday, I felt a smooth, blissful feeling for the next few hours. In general, I continue to feel more settled, grounded, calm, with less agitation in my mind. I’m sleeping very deeply now.” — Mary

“When you do the long distance sessions with us, I definitely feel a sense of peace and calm. Thank you!” — Katherine

Your Body’s Capacity For Healing

Hear my interview on Blog Talk Radio about awakening your healing processes

Back in December I was  interviewed on the “Unlimited Realities” Blog Talk Radio Show, with the remarkable Lisa Zimmer Mahoney, endorsed by Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Larry Dossey and other pioneers in the field of personal and spiritual development. We spoke about how the Healing Spectrums sessions quickly enliven a specific brain wave function that gives access to universal information of the unconscious mind, beyond the capacity of the conscious thinking mind, to greatly accelerate your natural healing processes.

We also announced some very special bonuses and discounts for sessions/consultations and upcoming online self-treatment training. Research has indicated…that your body’s capacity for healing is greatest when this particular brain wave function is present. Continue reading ‘Your Body’s Capacity For Healing’

Thomas’ Blog Talk Radio Interview

Thanks to Lisa Zimmer Mahoney for having me on your “Unlimited Realities” Blog Talk Radio Show. It was a great interview and I think everyone enjoyed your insightful questions that brought out some important aspects about the near death experience. It seems that many are more than just a little curious about what might happen when we are making that “big” transition. Of course, everyone’s experience will be unique and perfect. There is no ‘one’ kind of NDE.

But those of us who have gone through the experience have come away with an unshakable understanding… Continue reading ‘Thomas’ Blog Talk Radio Interview’

To Scan or Not to Scan?

How to Reduce Airport Stress:

If you have airline travel plans for the holidays, you are probably aware of the new policies in security, especially regarding the new full body scanners or the alternative “enhanced pat down.” These are obvious invasions of your personal space and they are stirring quite a bit of controversy and adding to the general stress of airline travel. This stress takes it’s toll on your physical and emotional well-being. So it is certainly helpful to take extra steps to minimize that stress while traveling. What can you do? Continue reading ‘To Scan or Not to Scan?’