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November 30th, 2016

Delta peaks (orange) during activationScientific university studies have shown a significant increase in brainwave coherence during the Healing Spectrums Sessions along with specific brainwaves linked to deep healing and regeneration as well as an increased state of emotional well-being.

The Live-Streaming Healing Spectrums Coherence Activations provide you with a simple, scientifically verifiable way to effortlessly  activate and accelerate your body’s natural physical and emotional healing processes.

Click here to see the current schedule below* for how you can participate in these regular Healing Brainwave Coherence Activations.
Includes an additional special discount for a 1-Hour Personal Healing Spectrums Session

Did you know?

  • You have a powerful healing brainwave that mostly goes unused.
    (You generally get just a few minutes of it, only if you get a good night’s sleep!)
  • By age 40-45 your brain begins losing the ability to produce this healing brainwave.
  • By the age 70-75, on average, the brain is no longer capable of producing this all important brainwave!
  • Research shows that this healing brainwave is greatly diminished in a host of serious health issues ranging from sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and OCD to diabetes and insulin resistance, heart disease, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, various brain disorders, some stages of dementia and other forms of mental illness.

As we age, we are often faced with a variety of potential health issues, some of which have a major impact on the quality of our lives. Significantly, all of the above illnesses have one crucial thing in common: the brain’s progressively diminished capacity to produce “Delta” brainwaves.

 In fact, studies have shown Delta brainwaves tend to diminish by age 40-45 and are virtually non-existent by the age of 75. The good news is…that scientific studies have shown the Healing Spectrums Method and Coherence Activations consistently enliven this important, natural “healing” brainwave, as well as producing an overall coherent balance of brain function. This is important for maintaining and enjoying greater long-term health and well-being in life.

(Click here for more about the Healing Spectrums university brainwave research data.)
(Click here for more about the many health benefits of “Delta.”)

“I’ve been using the Healing Spectrums Method many nights to quiet myself down, and sometimes on my husband as he sleeps. He has recently asked me on occasion for a short treatment to settle him down at night. It helps him move through his pain and discomfort (Parkinson’s) into sleep. This is such a precious gift of healing and imporved, more self-sufficient living. We are grateful for this valuable technique!” — Marilyn S, Educator, Administrator, Iowa
These live-streaming online events will include a brief introduction and review of instructions on how to receive Thomas’ 15 minute Group Healing Spectrums Session, followed by the Coherence Activation. There will then be a Water Coherence Activation and a brief Q & A period. The general length of this event will be 25-30 minutes.  *Healing Spectrums Session and Coherence Activation Schedule:  You can register for individual Coherence Activation events:

Cost: $5 per event 

Pre-order and save

 20 Coherence Activation Events for $80  and save (reg.$100)
 (Thomas will then pre-register you so that you you can attend any Coherence Activations according to your availability–no need to register for each individual event. Only the events you actually attend are counted in your account balance.)

All times are Central Daylight Time- US Central Time
(Scroll down for upcoming Coherence Activation Events)

Click on the buttons below for the session(s) you want to participate in. You will then be sent the link to complete your registration to receive the session login and password.(You do not need a PayPal account to register)  

Tuesday, July 18
11:00  am CDT  

4:30 pm CDT

Thursday, July 20
10:00  am CDT

1:30 pm CDT

4:00 pm CDT

Tuesday, July 25
11:00  am CDT  

4:30 pm CDT

 Coherence Activation Session" >

Thursday, July 27
10:00  am CDT

1:30 pm CDT

4:00 pm

Tuesday, July 27
11:00  am CDT  

4:30 pm CDT

Tuesday, August 15
11:00  am CDT  

4:30 pm CDT

 Coherence Activation Session" >

Thursday, August 17
10:00  am CDT

1:30 pm CDT

4:00 pm CDT

Tuesday, August 22
11:00  am CDT  

4:30 pm

Thursday, August 24
10:00  am CDT

1:30 pm CDT

4:00 pm CDT


More Coherence Activation Events will be scheduled shortly.

*Important Registration Details:  (You do not need a PayPal account to register) After your session payment, you will then receive an email with the link to join your session at the scheduled time.

You may participate in this event via computer or by phone. It is not necessary to see Thomas online, only an option, if you want to use your computer. You will receive the full benefit either way. Instructions for both options will be included in your registration confirmation email. If your internet signal is weak you may need to use the telephone option. It is most important that you can hear Thomas during this event to participate. We encourage you to login for this event no later than 5 -7 minutes before the scheduled start time to settle in so that we may begin promptly on time. We look forward to having you join us! Contact us here with any questions. Click here to view more about the university brainwave research studies that illustrate the effectiveness of the Healing Spectrums Sessions and Coherence Activations.

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    "Doctors said if I got another ear infection, I could go deaf. Thomas treated me and I haven't had one since."
    -- Meara Oberdieck

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    "I had a bad reaction from inadvertently breathing some vapors from the glue I was using to decorate a costume that I would be wearing in a play a couple of days later. My throat closed down and I could hardly speak. I felt terrible and had no energy. I couldn't imagine how on earth I would be able to perform, as I had many speaking lines to perform. After a session with Thomas, I quickly regained my energy and I was able to perform without difficulty. This really saved the day for me! Thanks, Thomas." -- JB, Actor, Fairfield, IA
    "I had chronic ankle pain due to working in an auto manufacturing plant and walking on concrete for most of my life. After a long-distance session, that actually took place while I was asleep, I woke up and had no pain in my ankles or anywhere else, for that matter. And, I was able to enjoy working outdoors all morning with my brother--all without a lick of pain. This really works." -- CF, Mechanic, Lexington, MO
    "I had a constant buzzing and ringing in my right ear that was driving me crazy. I always had to have a TV or radio on during the day and sleep with a fan on to mask the constant internal noise. I tried supplements that didn’t help and then visited an ENT physician and they really had no solution. Well, apparently our sessions have definitely had an impact. The buzzing has completely subsided and I only occasionally hear any ringing. This is such an amazing relief that it’s hard to express. Thanks again for your continued help and support, I couldn’t recommend the sessions highly enough. -- Best Regards, Tom R, Chicago
    (Thomas): During the group session, it became clear to me that there was some deep distress in Ken’s knees where I noticed the brilliant blue spectrums beginning to appear. During the session Ken said that he had briefly felt the pain in his knees intensify and then suddenly it was as if all the pain and discomfort he had been having just poured out through the bottom of his feet. That was it -- the pain was gone and never came back.
    "The self-treatments have helped me in healing some physical issues and I'm sleeping better than ever. I've also been trained by Thomas to use the Healing Spectrums in my work as a counselor and I seem to be able to 'tune in' more quickly to the core issues of my clients. This is really valuable to both me and my clients." -- Cheryl Bailey, Counselor, IA
    “I had chronic ankle pain due to working in an auto manufacturing plant and walking on concrete for most of my life. After a long-distance session that actually took place while I was asleep, I woke up and had no pain in my ankles, or anywhere else for that matter. And I was able to enjoy working outdoors all morning with my brother — this really works.” –CF, Mechanic, Lexington, MO
    "Before the course, I was only sleeping for 2-3 hours a night, but since Thomas' course I'm sleeping unbelievably better! 8-9 hours every night. This technique is a true blessing." - Katherine, Counselor/Coach, NY
    “I have been very impressed by the strength of the energy when doing the self-treatments. Last night I was surprised how quickly I went from feeling restless to very relaxed with a short session. Thanks so much!” — Jill
    “After our session on Thursday I felt a smooth, blissful feeling for the next few hours. In general I continue to feel more settled, grounded and calm and I’m sleeping very deeply now.” — Mary
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